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The Cypress Branches

When Harry Williamson disappears from a ferry in the middle of the Irish Sea, his grieving family discover he’s been harbouring a secret which threatens to tear apart the very fabric of their history.


From the bustling Liverpool docks to a divided Germany via a Palestine in the grip of conflict, The Cypress Branches tells the epic tale of a love affair between an introverted merchant seaman and a beautiful, exuberant waitress, spanning four decades and encompassing some of the major world events of the 20th century.


With a sharp eye for detail and keen ear for conversation and dialect, William Thomas has painted an evocative historical backdrop to the intensely moving and funny story of an unforgettable group of characters whose lives and loves are challenged by a constantly changing and volatile world.



This is where it all began.


Containing the entire story, from beginning to end in its original format, The Cypress Branches Hardback Limited Edition was printed back in 2009 for William, his family and friends.


Only 108 were made. The book will never be published or printed in this format again, so once they're gone, they're gone!


The book is 691 pages and measures 6 inches by 9 inches - quite a hefty tome! It has been printed to the highest possible standards, with a clothbound hardcover, colour laminated jacket and silver lettering on the spine.


Each copy comes with a certificate confirming that the book is one of the limited print run copies.


RRP: £24.99




Laminated full colour jacket, brass lettering on spine

691 printed pages


Publisher: Acute Angle Books

Publication date: July 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9562299-0-8


Includes Limited edition certificate





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